Sunday, January 8, 2012

How about an update huh?

Wylie Michael Gard 7lbs 14oz
So I had a beautiful baby boy on November 4th, 2011! He is just so precious I could eat him up. I ran the day before I had him so clear up to the end. It of course was pregnant running so I could push very hard. The delivery left me with 35lbs extra which is fantastic compared to other deliveries. I'm 20lbs less then I've been after any of my other births. The 6 weeks post baby wait to exercise was horrible! I hit the gym after 4 weeks but only did weights. I was so excited to run when 6 weeks finally got here and it was hard!

So the picture bellow is of me about to go out for my first run. It felt great but it was way harder then I was hoping it would be. I literally looked down at my thighs to see what was on them only to find it was just the extra jiggle. So here I am basically starting over.
I'm now 9 weeks post baby and things are getting easier. With the holidays I didn't lose a stinkin pound but with the hard core New Years resolutions I've started to shed a few. I start teaching Turbo Kick and Zumba this week which will help me get into shape. I don't think I will be doing a marathon this year but my race calendar is filling up. I'm just going to focus on getting into shape and maybe a marathon next year.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 5k

I was really hopeful with all the running I've been doing I wouldn't still be pregnant today. But alas, I woke up the morning still huge so why not run a 5k? I'm not gonna lie, it gets harder every week and I wasn't sure how much of this I could run. Some days I feel great some days I don't.Today I felt pretty good. Other then the obvious heavy weight in my abdomen and pressure down there I felt good I ran almost all of it. I had dreams of being like the woman who ran the Chicago marathon at 39 weeks then had her baby later that day, but no luck.

These are some of my running buddies.They crossed the line almost 20 minutes before me. I look forward to running races again when I can actually see them ahead of me most of race.

This is Karen, Lara, and I. We are all Weight Watchers employees. I was ahead of Karen most of the race but she caught up to me around mile 2. She could walk fast next to me while I "ran" and we went about the same pace! I walked a tiny bit with her during mile two but other then that I ran the whole thing. It took me 43 minutes. Not too shabby! Especially considering I am carrying probably an 8 lb baby!

The next race in town is the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I've got my eyes set on that baby! And I wont be pregnant I can guarantee it!! I do think it will feel awesome to run not pregnant but I'm also thinking its gonna be rough getting back into running shape. Still, I can't wait!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hospice 5k

I think I'm more proud of these last trimester runs then any other 5k's I've done. I wasn't sure if I was going to feel up to doing this one or not but the last week I've really felt fantastic! I hate to say it out loud but I might actually stand to stay pregnant a while longer since I've been feeling so well. Much better then the whole last month. My husband even remarked this morning, after he woke up at 430am to get ready for hunting, he said, "wow you were sleeping really good!" I was like I know! I only woke up once last night, I don't know what the deal is all I know is I better enjoy this while it last cause this baby will be here soon enough and I wont be getting any sleep.

So the 5k: it went great! I ran the whole way! I ran it 4 minutes faster then I did the 5k 2 weeks ago. I was being motivated by the walkers behind me that I could hear them the entire time! Dang fast walkers! I was afraid if I stopped to walk a minute they would pass me so I just kept going. Usually what stops me and makes me walk is the pulling I feel on my stomach muscles but they didn't hurt so bad today. So I ran it in 40 minutes 20 seconds. Which is like a 13 minute mile, yuck, but oh well. This was probably my last pregnancy race which is kind of sad. The fun thing about running pregnant is there is no pressure. Everyone is just so impressed that I'm out there I don't feel any pressure to go fast. Soon enough I will be trying to get back to my old times and pushing myself harder. I'm enjoying the laid back feeling.

So I napped today and tonight I'm off to our Zumbathon fund raiser with the other Zumba instructors in town. You would think with all this activity I'm doing eventually this baby would get the idea and come out! Probably not for a few more weeks though.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pink Ribbon 5k

Today was the annual health fair, breast cancer research 5k/10k. Last year I ran the 10k and got lost, this year, it was a bit different! I "ran" the 5k, kinda. My goal was to come in before all the walkers and I did! Even though it was a breast cancer run, the lady running the event even said we were supporting all types of cancer. It seemed like a very appropriate thing to do today as a friend of mine lost her husband to leukemia this morning. I felt like I was actually running for a cause. My friend Jenna ran it with me and I am so glad! Running by yourself is enjoyable when you are pushing to beat a time and really racing, but when you run like I do right now it can be incredibly boring. We talked the entire time and just had fun.

So running for me is most obviously difficult. Funny thing is I physically can not run fast enough to really get my heart rate up. It raises a little but I can fairly comfortably carry on a conversation the whole time. I physically cannot move my legs fast enough to get a great work out, which is probably a good thing. The thing that slows me down is just how uncomfortable and painful the weight of this baby is on my middle. I'm good for the first mile and then I have to walk occasionally to ease the pressure.

Still, I love it. Can't wait to run not pregnant, but I really enjoy running still. It makes me feel better. Funny thing is, yesterday I felt horrible. Standing, walking, bending just moving in general made me miserable. By evening I was lying on the couch. Today, I feel good. My legs are tired but I don't feel like I'd rather die then walk upstairs. I really think exercise is the best thing for this preggo lady.

I think I will do the hospice 5k next weekend if I'm still feeling good.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maybe I should update?

Well, there just isn't a lot to say! No races, no new goals, no new training programs just me getting bigger!! I am still running, if you can call it running. I shuffle my feet for about 20 minutes a few times a week. I'm slow and it hurts but what can I say? I'm 32 weeks pregnant! I still love exercise. I can't wait to run not pregnant. I think its going to feel so freeing! I do a little Zumba, I swim every now and then and I even though I don't go on any bike riding exercises I ride my bike with my kids. I take Lainy to school on my bike and rode to the kid's school a couple times. Its hard to stay active but I love it when I do. As of now, I've gained 25lbs which is FANTASTIC for me! I've always gained 50-60lbs. Even if I tried I don't think I could do that at this point in this pregnancy although there is a part of me that is afraid I'm going to ruin it these last few weeks. I had Eve snap a picture of me after a "run" the other day, just to have prof that I was still getting out there.

I feel good, as good as I can feel pregnant. Sleeping is getting harder, but it seems easier then past pregnancies. I still wear mostly pre-pregnancy clothes although there is a large part of my closet I can't squeeze into. Everything about this pregnancy has been easier then the past four. Except for leg cramps. I've always gotten bad leg cramps in my calves while I slept in the last 4 pregnancies, but its out of control this time! Not just while I sleep and not just in my calves. I get them in my outer thigh, inner thigh, hips and even my big toes! I got a hip cramp so bad in McDonalds the other day I thought I was going to hit the floor! I don't know what the deal was with that.

All in all. A fit pregnancy is WAY better then a lazy eating whatever I want pregnancy. I feel great, I'm not near as tired and I think its going to be great until the end! I hope, fingers crossed!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go Fremont County 2011 Triathalon

Well I did it people! I accomplished all the goals I set for myself for the summer BEFORE I knew I was pregnant. I certainty had every excuse in the book not to do it but I did! I ran a marathon, ran the Lander half marathon and completed a sprint triathlon. Its a good thing I did them in that order too because running is way too stinkin hard now! I'm just really grateful to accomplish this. Grateful to my family for supporting me and for a healthy body and pregnancy that allowed me to do this. Just a few years ago I could have never imagined myself doing ANY of these things.The triathlon was definitely my most favorite. It was fun, and I didn't feel like I was going to die like I did with the marathon. I might have to consider changing sports lol! So, above picture is taken before the race by my bike. I'm really excited.

This is Jenna and I before the race started. We've been training and worrying together for the past 4 months

The swim was really unique. It started at one end of the pool and you actually swam in every lane crossing under the lane ropes until you reached the other end of the pool and got out. Lance and kids showed up before my turn which made me really happy so he snapped a picture before I got in.

Here I am on the ramp 3 people from my turn. I was pretty nervous!!

Last lane, last lap! I think I rocked the swim. My time was 9 something (606 yards), I question the accuracy of that though it seems really fast. Several people in front of me struggled and had to stop and rest but I went right through without stopping it felt good.

Almost to the end!

And now I'm getting out. I think its hilarious how many pictures Lance took. I'm not even posting them all. He said he was worried about disappointing me. What a nice guy.

And now I'm walking to the bike. That's Eli's face in the corner.

Here I am coming in from the run. Lance didn't get any bike pictures. He said I was too fast and he didn't make it to the turn around point fast enough. He did pass me in the car so they cheered for me. I did the bike in under an hour which made me happy. I think it was 55 minutes (13 miles). I made it up Hill St without walking my bike which was FANTASTIC! The run was the worst, as I thought it would be.

The kids tackled me before I crossed the finish line so they got to cross with me which was fun! I ran it in 39 minutes which I'm trying really hard not to be disappointed in but is a pretty terrible time for me. My transition to the run took a minute. I was so excited I walked away from my spot without my visor or belly brace so I had to turn back around to get them and then I was flustered and it took a minute to get my brace on. I should have stopped and used the bathroom then but I didn't want to spend the time doing it so I kept going... mistake. This kid on my bladder was not forgiving at all! Luckily there was a bathroom at the half way point but that takes time ya know! The last half of the run felt a lot better bladder and wobbly leg wise.

Almost to the finish with the kids!

All done and so happy. You can see my brace under my shirt it is all cockeyed

This is my friend Lara. We've done a little training together and she is one of the organizers of the event. It was WAY FUN! I can't wait to do another one and I really hope I'm not pregnant next time! Overall I was really happy with my time. I wanted to be under 2 hours and I came in at 1:55 so that is perfect. Imagine if my running time weren't so horrible!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buffalo running tracks 5k

So one of my favorite races each year is the Buffalo Running Tracks 5k. Its such a small little race in Ethete that just about everyone walks away with a trophy of some kind. This time I brought my kids and like last year I ran it with Kimberley and Lara. I ran it in 34 min some seconds which was 3 minutes slower then last year but, I'm pregnant! Running is getting harder. It hurts, and I always have to go to the bathroom!

Eve and Isaac ran the 1 mile kids race. Eli sat it out but this is me and my little runners

These are all of us runners; the Orbells and me and my kids

Me, Kimberley and Lara

Isaac and Cyrus. Isaac got 2nd and Cyrus 3rd. Mostly I think they just had a great time running together.

I got 2nd, out of 2 people but still! Yay!

Eve got 4th. Mostly she stayed with Isaac and Cyrus and tried to keep them on the road.

Kimberley got 2nd, Lara 1st

And the whole Orbell family! How cute is that!?